Magazine, Brighton

Print is not dead! Is obviously something that a wedding stationer will whole heatedly advocate but aside from QP's own lovely paper goods, as a graphic designer and lover of beautiful layout I have always had a huge passion for good old fashioned magazines. Or not, as the case may be when it comes to magazines these days. With so many beautiful publications on offer covering all manner or subjects weird and wonderful, inspiring imagery and gorgeous layouts we can't get enough of the new titles to be found. Not only are they a joy to read but I also find them really useful for layout and colour inspiration

Magazine, Brighton is a favourite local supplier that houses so many titles it is nearly impossible to keep up. Almost weekly I find myself spending time browsing the shelves and always making a purchase - surely it would be rude not to?! Found at 22 Trafalgar Street the store is packed to the rafters with beautiful publications and always (and very importantly for a magazine store), home to lovely staff that enjoy magazines just as much as I do and are very patient with the hours of browsing. 


I have been procrastinating for months about how to start this blog. Looking for that special piece, something that elegantly sums up what Quiet Paper is all about. And then, after months of pondering I took one photo and decided that should be it.

This is a photo of one of my favourite places, a place for thinking all things quiet, just as this blog shall be…