A Shout Out For music

Being a huge fan of blind letterpress and avid supporter of London Fashion Week, the branding and graphics created this year by Manchester agency, Music, really caught my attention. As the name Quiet Paper should (hopefully!) suggest, I love a pared back aesthetic. Subtlety over shouty with clean lines and bold typography are what get me going (although sometimes shouty is great too).

Designer Emma Benyon recalls that they were briefed to create an identity "stripped right back", and Music's work has achieved exactly that. Their chosen typeface, Avenir sets a contemporary and understated tone as does the blue, grey and black colour combinations in gentle gradients and opaque colour blocks. Benyon remarks, "The whole thing is about really small flourishes, making it really modern and desirable but not overdoing it." 

I love this approach, and and always aim to achieve the same with QP wedding stationery, it is great to think of my work being a 'flourish' added to your big day, setting the tone just before the party really gets going. It also just so happens that I have been working on a blind letterpress collection for quite some time now. Sadly it is proving very expensive to produce and really doesn't fit with our desire to offer totally affordable prices. But the designs are ready and waiting, I will find a way to get them out there one day!