Quiet Paper was born out of a desire to combine understated style and the constant evolution of trends within the wedding industry. Uninspired by traditional wedding styles, graphic designer Helene Kemp set out to create an new and unique stationery brand that speaks to both bride and groom, instantly appeals and is available through a process that is simple and efficient to work with.

With a career that began in the fashion and trend forecasting industries and spans across London and Paris, Helene uses her understanding of trends to design work unique to individuals – remaining faithful to style over tradition.

“Years ago, people said that your wedding styling needed to be timeless, ‘you don’t want to look back at your wedding photos and have them look dated’. We don’t believe in that. Some of the most iconic and beautiful designs are so because they simply ooze style from the design period of which they came. The same goes for stationery in our eyes, let it speak of the here and now.”